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Best Festival Camping Tents

Take a look at our Best Festival Camping Tents


Between us here at Festival Camping we have stayed in most styles of tents, so we have a pretty good idea of what works. We decided to list our top ten best festival camping tents for you and boy did it turn out to be quite a discussion. Some were obvious candidates and others had us really debating our favourites. We decided to rate them all on:

  • Ease of pitching
  • Compact Carrying, and
  • Comfort

Although comfort is a little bit difficult to judge as it also depends on what kind of mat you are sleeping on (essential) and the quality of your sleeping bag among other things (for a later blog). My personal preference is that I like a bit of extra space and will always buy a tent for at least one more person than is actually in there. So I would have a two man tent for just me, a three man tent for two of us and so on.

Take a look at the tents below which are our top ten best festival camping tents and if you have a view on any of them we would love you to comment below, it will all go to help others make their choice.

***** Our Favourite 2 Man Festival Tent *****

Best festival camping tents
#1. High Peak Minipack Two Man Tent

I am guessing that you might have picked up on this little tent being one of our favourites. It combines practicality, nostalgia and a great price. Be warned, this is not a tent for big people or those who need a little extra space, check out the dimensions – Size: L190 x W120 x H95 cm. However, it is quick to pitch, we think that those with a little experience might be looking at about 15 minutes and a novice no more than 20 minutes of tent pitching fun.

***** A Great Compact Budget Tent for 3 – 6 with a Small Living Area *****

#2. 6 Berth Polyester Calypso Tent With 3 Sleeping Compartments

I actually bought this little tent myself last year and spent a week in it, not at a festival but at Eastbourne Air Show. I managed to get six adults in it , but, having said that I wouldn’t do it again with 6 adults. It is noteworthy that even though this is a really cheap tent for the style and capacity, all of the zips held out for the week and the tent did take a bit of rough handling and survived. Now pitching took the six of us about half an hour, so a novice should allow 45 minutes. It was fairly straight forward. Warning, the ‘two man’ compartments are pretty small. A great little tent for the money which packs up really small.

Best festival camping tents - number 2

***** Great Value for Money for a Lightweight 2 Man Tent *****

Best festival camping tents - number 3
#3. North Gear Camping Mono 2 Man Waterproof 

North Gear usually represents value for money and this one does not break that rule at about £20. You will get more than you paid for at the budget end of camping. Easily festival disposable, this tent will weather reasonable rainfall as I have spent a rainy night inside one. It does however have its rainproof limitations so be prepared to stuff all your gear in plastic bags if the rain keeps coming.. The tent packs up very compactly so its great for the hike from the car park to the pitch and should take a novice no more than 20-25 minutes to pitch.

*****Indulgent but Amazing. A Really Practical & Stylish 4 Mand Festival Tent *****

#4. Exact Scale Replica VOLKSWAGEN VW Camper Van Tent in Blue – Sleeps 4 Ideal for your Summer Festival

Look, sometimes you just have to let the hippy in you out and if you can afford to splash out on this VW Camper Van style tent you will most certainly have a camping experience to remember. The style of tent should take no more than about 30 – 40 minutes to pitch. Any thoughts of taking this to a festival needs careful planning and an early arrival to get a suitable pitch with a bit of space around you. Not as compact as most and certainly not as cheap, but worth a punt if you are up for it.

Best festival camping tents - number 4

***** Excellent Tent for Sharing, but 10 Campers in this one is really Pushing It *****

Best festival camping tents - number 5
#5. Redstone 8 Man & 10 Man Tunnel Tent – 2 x Bedrooms + Large Living Room Area – Berth/Person/Family Camping – Fully Integrated Sewn in Raised Groundsheet – Summer 2013

Definitely apply the “fewer people rule” to this tent and you will have a great festival camping experience. The suggested 8 – 10 in my opinion should be 6 to 8 (at a squeeze) We had six adults in it and it worked a treat. Divide the cost of the tent between 6 people and you have an amazing value for money purchase. Packaging size is reasonable and I would recommend that the packed tent is split between two of you. One have the poles and the other the rest. Worth the effort of taking home after the festival too as it is pretty hard wearing and will do the trick next time round.

***** The Ultimate Budget Festival Tent – No Frills but Rock Bottom Price *****

#6. Pacific Festival 2 Man Camping Tent

We felt that we had to include this tent for those on the very tightest of budgets as, if nothing else fits your budget and you have to go for the absolute cheapest tent on the market, then this is the one. What can I say except you would not catch me in this tent. If the weather is great and you are aged between 16 & 18 then you will get away with it, so enjoy. If you can tweak your budget upwards a little then do so. Quick to pitch in 5-10 minutes and very light to carry.

Best festival camping tents - number 6

***** A Four Man Tent with a bit more Camping Comfort from the Elements *****

Best festival camping tents - number 7
#7. North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 Man Dome Tent

As you know we do like North Gear tents and this one does provide great value for money at the mid – cheaper end of the market. It has an inner tent which will provide you with extra warmth, cool and protection against the heavier downpours. We haven’t camped in this actual tent, but I have seen it pitched and I would say the 3 persons in a 4 man tent rule applies. The canopy at the front is a useful feature and provides a little protection for your wellies and other items that you prefer to leave outside of your tent. Reasonably quick to pitch in about 15-20 minutes and sturdy enough to take down but cheap enough to leave if you just can’t be bothered after a few days of partying.

***** Pops up in Seconds for a Good Camping Experience at a Good Price *****

#8. 2 Seconds II – Green

We were always going to find room in this review for a Quechua tent, which are sold in Decathlon stores. I have camped in Quechua tents before and I am a fan. If your budget can stretch just a little for a two man tent then this is highly recommended. It is a hardwearing tent which really does pitch itself. You can have this little tent up in seconds. Packing away takes only slightly longer. This tent packs small and is light to carry and is just a very nice design. Don’t forget to peg it in to the ground once it is up, which adds just a few minutes to the finished pitch.

Best festival camping tents - number 8

***** A Little More Expensive, but You Get What You Pay For – Nice 3 Man Tent *****

Best festival camping tents - number 9
#9. Gelert Twister Three Man Tent – Rococco Red/Paloma Grey

Moving just a little up the price range although incredibly reasonably priced this tent will give you the confidence to sit through some of the more torrential downpours that the summer can deliver. It is double skinned and has a ‘porch’ area which provides a great place for your extra storage and just an extra bit of space to sit around in. For its size it is really light to carry and packs up small enough for just one of you to carry in their kit. Well worth the few extra pounds of your investment. Pitching time is around 20-30 minutes and this compact tent will fit into the smallest of pitches at a cramped festival.

***** The Teepee Camping Experience. Fun & Stylish minus some of the Practicalities *****

#10. Ultracamp Shiriki 4 Man Person Tipi Tent | Teepee Four Berth Camping Tepee

No festival camping tent review would be complete without a Teepee. I have stayed in teepees although not this actual one, but the principles are the same. The tents are generally great fun and really look the festival part, but beware they are generally not the most practical tent in any circumstances. The tent packs up a little larger than most, not unreasonably so and it is light enough to easily carry between a couple of you. Quirky? yes, fun? yes, good value? yes, easy to pitch? yes, practical? kind of.

Best festival camping tents - number 10

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