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Best Festival Camping Tips #1

Over the next 6 months we will be giving you the very best festival camping tips in a series of articles here on Festival Camping. So be sure to do two things to make sure you don’t miss a tip:

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Best Festival Camping Gear Advice

We are also going to give you the best steer on what kit you need to buy to take with you, but if you can’t wait and want to start shopping now just click on our store tab at the top where we have put just about everything you could possibly need in our Amazon Store.

So, March already and, like me, lots of you will have some of your festivals booked and the buzz will be starting to build among you and your friends/ family for the nice weather to arrive (fingers crossed) and for the festivals to kick in. I think you will agree with me that the festivals don’t come cheap these days, but when you consider just how much live music, entertainment, food, booze and FUN you can pack into a few days, they do give amazing value for money. If you are about to go to your first festival then good luck, take as much advice as you can from sites like ours and you will have the best time and be¬†queuing up for your next festival before long.

Festival Camping featured tent

This weeks featured tent

OK, let’s get straight down to business. Now is the perfect time for you to start planning, because everything that you do now will be a small weight off your mind and will let you budget much better for the weeks leading up to the festival. First things first, start a list. It doesn’t have to be everything as we will build this up as we go along, but lets start with the bigger and most obvious pieces of kit and things which you might have already – we will get down into the detail in the coming weeks. Starting with the bigger items will allow you to estimate just how much carrying kit (bags etc) you will need. We are going to keep this as cheap as possible and to a minimum, and use the best priced articles on Amazon, as Amazon does do great prices and reasonable postage costs and covers the whole range from budget to quality.

  • Tent (told you we would start with the obvious things)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Rucksack/bag/holdall
  • Chair

That will do for now. Stick with us, and build up your kit gradually. Don’t worry, you will get it all in time and have no excess and you will be able to budget properly.

Let’s start with FESTIVAL CAMPING TENTS >>>>>>>>

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