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How to Enjoy a Festival

How to Enjoy a Festival

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Glastonbury, Reading And Leeds or Download? Whatever festival you are going to, read this first!


  1. Purchase the tickets well in advance so as not to be disappointed if it’s sold out.
  2. Have a look at the event information so you know what time it starts. You can usually even find maps of the sites online which will help you find where you’re going. If you know that a band you want to see is on early in the day, leave plenty of time to get to the site and find the right stage as queues are usually very long to get into the arena.
  3. Buy a program so you have the schedule with you.
  4. Try not to be too single-minded about where you stand or sit, part of the festival experience is being part of the crowd. If you stand at the front all day you’ll miss the interaction further back. If you never get up close you’ll miss the adrenaline. It’s a good idea to just go with the flow, see where the day takes you. It saves you getting upset at missing the perfect view, or at having to leave your spot for the toilet or some food. Some of the best festival experiences are to be had further back in the crowd, singing and dancing with total strangers.
  5. Bring bin liners. They enable you to sit on the ground when it’s wet and can be used to protect your bag from rain. Don’t bring chairs or stools as they block people’s view and create an obstruction, which is rude. Don’t feel you have a right to any particular space – festivals are a free-for-all and you need to be laid back otherwise you’ll find the whole experience very stressful.
  6. Bring your own lunch packed in a cool-pack. This will keep it well refrigerated and you don’t have to sample any of the fast food stuff! But if greasy spoons (which are quite nice as an occasional treat) are your thing then go for it; just be prepared for horridly long lines and the possibility that someone will snaffle your great spot while you’re gone. (Have a friend guard it if you go with someone; take it in turns to seek food, bathroom breaks etc.)
  7. Take a roll-up camping pillow for snoozes, and a raincoat. Long ponchos are a good idea because they keep your bag dry too. Don’t take an umbrella though because they are dangerous in a crowd as people jostle about and it’s easy to accidentally poke somebody. Just expect to get a little wet. Water won’t kill you. You should also make sure to take sunscreen because it’s occasionally sunny, and a warm jumper in case you get cold.
  8. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand, especially for all that hollering along to the songs you’re going to do that’ll leave your throat parched!
  9. Take a book, magazine or your iPod for those dull in-between moments when one band shifts and the next one is setting up. Or spend the time chatting with your friends.
  10. Bring your camera if you want a record of your time there. Just be sure to keep an eye on it always – wearing it in a bag that crosses your chest is the best option.
  11. Get into the spirit of the event by dressing up, using makeup creatively or even just sporting a treasured pin celebrating your favorite band.
  12. Don’t be too rigid about what you have to see and do because there will be time clashes of things you want to see, and don’t get upset if your friends want to do things that you don’t. You don’t have to spend the whole day together. If you split up for a while, though, make sure you know where and when you’re going to meet or make sure you have mobile phones so you can get in touch if you need to.


  • Always check the weather forecast for the whole time of the event. It may mean taking different gear in case of showers, heat etc.
  • Ask tall people if they could kindly shift over a spot or two rather than asking them to lower themselves; apart from the sheer impossibility of shortening themselves, it is nicer to be asked to simply move a little sideways.
  • Be polite, don’t push or shout at people. Don’t behave in ways that would annoy you if it were someone else.
  • Talk to people. The festival experience is made by the people who go and you’ll have a much richer experience if you make new friends!
  • Don’t forget to bring the tickets to get in!
  • Wear a hat and pop on sunscreen periodically if you’re out in the sun for any length of time. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take wet wipes for your face. Trust me this is a good idea because the showers there are slightly unhygienic and probably cold.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption. It is easy to overdo it, but you need to be coherent enough to be safe, to get home or to enjoy the whole weekend without feeling sick.


  • Be careful of a crowd that gets a bit rowdy and out of control. Be watchful of any hooliganism and move yourself out of harm’s way quickly
  • Be mindful of crowd crushes. If it looks like a bottleneck, stand back and wait until space has cleared before moving on.
  • Its a big thing at Reading to bottle the bands (DO NOT DO THIS!) , so look out to make sure YOU don’t get hit by a stray bottle.
  • Do not accept drinks from anyone you do not know well. Date rape drugs are common in large events. Drink only from containers that are sealed or that you have brought.

Things You’ll Need

  • Ground blanket
  • Lunch in cool-pack bag
  • Tickets for the event
  • Small camping pillow (optional)
  • Novel or something to read for those dull moments; or the iPod
  • Sunscreen
  • Bin liners

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