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festival camping at Benecassim

Festival Camping at Benicassim

Benicassim Music Festival Camping – Every Reason Why You Should Go This Year

In 2009 I decided that I would like to go music festival camping with my sister. Her name is Alice, she is 3 years younger than me. I love spending time with her and I thought that sharing the experience of music festival camping would be a perfect way to do this as we both love music, camping and being outdoors.

I decided that we would not only go to a music festival but that we would travel abroad to do so. We were heading to Benicàssim. International Benicàssim Festival is situated on the east coast of Spain very close to Valencia. It begins on the second Monday of July with music typically beginning on the Thursday. It boasts crowds of up to 50,000 most of these being Brits and with past acts including Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand it’s easy to see how they sell the tickets.

Alice and I were looking forward to seeing Oasis, The Killers, White Lies and not to mention Kings of Leon. The line up was unbelievable. We set about planning our trip. We started to get all of our kit sorted out early so that there was less stress as the date for the festival drew closer. We decided that we would fly to Barcelona and stay there for a couple of nights. We enjoyed and some Tapas and long strolls around a city which neither of us had been to before. We loved it there.

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On the second morning we arrived at the main train station at 7:00am. We were to get on a train that would take us south along the east coast of Spain straight to the music festival. This Journey took 5 hours and it was hot. Finally we arrived and there and had to endure a hike to the festival ground and the festival camping site . We had arrived a day before the music was due to start and it looked like everyone else was already there. We managed to find a small spot to pitch our tent and I had to fight to get the pegs in the clay which was loaded with rocks. This was not ideal camping.

festival camping beer tower

The festival ground was not open until the next day so everyone was left to spend the night in the beer tents on the camp site. After a few beers Alice and I got creative. We started to build a tower from beer cans and pizza boxes. It may sound sad but believe me it was fun.

festival camping flat beer tower

The Tower shot up and pretty soon people were taking notice. The entire beer tent was captivated and wanting in on our mega structure. Sadly it all ended in tears as someone knocked the tower down. All was not lost as we made a few friends during all the fun and headed into town to explore.

Festival Camping Heaven on the beachThe first night was a blast and it was about to get a whole lot better. As the bands play between 5-8pm the whole day could be spent on the nearby beach. We met with some friends from back home in the UK and they introduced us to more people. We soon had a great group of people around us. We sat on the beach all day drinking a Cocktail devised by the Australian guy called Brendon. It was 1 part Gin, 1 part lemonade and 1 part blackcurrant cordial. We named it Heaven.

The Festival was awesome. We watched so many good bands and couldn’t wait for Kings of Leon to play. They were so eagerly anticipated by everyone. On the evening that they were to play the wind really started to pick up. So much so that eventually the main stage was closed. This wasn’t the end of the story as 50,000 unhappy music lovers were asked to leave the festival arena and the festival campsite as strong winds threatened to tear scaffold structures down on top of the tents. This left nowhere to go. Alice and I grabbed our stuff from our collapsed tent and searched for shelter. It was chaos. We tried to sleep by a brick wall out site the camp site but the wind kept changing directions and the temperature had dropped dramatically. I got Alice up and we walked the two miles into town. We came across a Bank with some ATMs inside, the door was open so we made our way in and slept there for the night. I awoke to a policeman standing over me. He looked down and the pressed his fingers to his lips. This was to say stay quiet so you don’t wake the others. Alice and I had been joined by a few other festival goers looking for refuge. The policeman then used the machine and left.

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We returned to our campsite that morning to find that it had been completelyfestival camping after the storm destroyed. I located what was left of our tent and tied it up again. It wasn’t great but it would do. The winds had passed but with them Kings of Leon had also gone. The band everyone was most looking forward to had not played. Thankfully Maximo Park stuck around and played that day along with lots of other great bands. Everyone was now bonded not by just the music but the fact that we all endured a powerful storm. The last day did not disappoint.

We both had the best time and now bruised, battered, dirty and dehydrated we were to return the way we had come,  back to Barcelona and then to London. I will always remember Benicàssim 2009 as one of the best Music Festivals I have ever been to.

Thanks Sis for making it so good.

By Russell (can’t wait for Glastonbury!!)

Benicassim Music festival
Benicassim Music festival

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Festival Diary 2013

Best Festival Camping Tips #1 – Tents

Festival Camping Tent

Get your tent right and you are well on your way to a successful festival camping experience, get it wrong and you could well be on your way to disaster, believe me, I have got this wrong before and misery, serious lack of sleep and much discomfort lead to an unhappy festival experience. You have spent a lot of money on festival tickets, getting to the festival and all that entails, so please spend some time and get the tent right. Good luck.

Basic questions:

  • How many of you will it sleep?
  • How tall is the tallest person in the tent?
  • How much time do you want to spend pitching your tent?
  • What experience do you have in pitching tents?

Festival Camping is not like traditional camping, so be careful not to go out and get a nice, quality tent if you are going to one of the more cramped festivals such as Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds – be warned that your tent will have a good chance of being damaged as the conditions are very very cosy and the chances of fellow festival campers tripping over and falling on your tent are pretty high. Many festival campers tend to abandon their tent at the end of the festival and just walk away from it considering that the effort of packing it away is not worth it in their urge to get home and have a shower. If however you are going to a more tranquil festival and camping you may find a more traditional form of camping and  a higher quality tent might to be more appropriate.

Our Top 3 Festival Camping Tents


High Peak Minipack Two Man Tent I love this tent for its traditional style, value for money and dimensions and I am going to recommend it to those of you on a tight budget. There are some great reviews on the Amazon page which will help you consider this as an option. Pitching time is estimated at about 20 minutes and is suitable for those of you with absolutely no experience.

Coleman Coastline Plus Three Man Tent For those with a slightly larger budget but still reasonable, take a look at this. Verging on the ‘proper camping’ kit list, this little beauty will give you that extra bit more comfort and reassurance of staying dry in those inevitable camping festival downpours. This tent is also selling really well and has some really helpful reviews on Amazon.

Coleman Weekend 6-Person Tent – Blue/GreyIf there are 4-6 of you looking to share a tight bit of space for the festival then check this out. Split the cost between you and pay peanuts for a tent which will certainly get you through one festival, possibly two, but at this price you can afford it.

These are my three favourite budget camping festival tents. There are loads more tents to suit all budgets over on Amazon with great reviews on many of them so check them out. Remember to get the height of your biggest camper and make sure that it fits them first. Two to five nights sleeping in a cramped tent will raise tensions and take some of the fun out of it. Don’t get caught out.


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