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Food Glorious Festival Camping Food

Food Glorious Festival Food

Food Glorious Festival Camping Food

Festival food has come a long long way in recent years  and you will find many stalls selling healthy and delicious food for you to enjoy, but don’t rely on it for the whole of the festival. Be a little self sufficient and it will pay dividends. Check out the bullet points below for an easy summary of preparing yourself for the best festival camping eating experience:

At three or four day festivals, camping and buying food for every meal can get expensive, repetitive, dull and unhealthy.

Cooking at a campsite is so easy, its fun and can bring a bit of variety to your daily diet. It will save you money and give you a chance to stock up on your much needed Five a Day (link).

The outlay for a couple of pans and a camping stove will more than pay for itself, particularly if you share the cost between a group of friends.

Fruit is a Great Festival FoodA quick visit to your local green grocers on the way to scoop up some apples, oranges and bananas will turn you into a local hero by day two when you all get tired of chocolate and pizza and need something natural. Eating healthy will also keep your own health up and your resistance to bugs.

Gathering around the stove for one meal a day will bring your group together, physically and who knows may even give you cause to break out the frisbee or the football for a knock about.

Keep any cooking to an absolute basic level, leave the fine dining cookbooks at home. Think about these options:

  • Boil up a large pan of pasta, stir in a jar or two of pesto sauce, maybe throw in some cherry tomatoes and EAT – perfect.
  • How about a bean chilli, can of chopped tomatoes, can of kidney beans, sachet of chilli or spice mix (and an onion if you can be bothered) with some rice.
  • Cook spaghetti for about 10 minutes or so then add a jar of pasta sauce and some dried parmesan.
  • For the more adventurous why not try patatas bravas … potato chunks with spicy tomato sauce.
  • Packets of quick noodles (or rice) cooked with some fresh or canned vegetables, cashew nuts and a sachet of stir fry sauce.
  • Tuna pasta is easy, tasty and healthy – boil a pan of pasta, add a can of tuna and a jar of sauce (or can of chopped tomatoes).
  • It doesn’t get much easier than soup for a tasty nutritious lunch. If you have the carrying capacity take some cans of soup for the best experience, or if you are struggling for space throw in some quality packets of cup-a-soups. Don’t forget to take some rolls to make this more filling, and of course they will keep and even work with soup when they are a little stale.
  • Cereal has to be the easiest breakfast or even snack for any time of day. Of course fresh milk can be a problem so take some to get you started, keep it cool and when you run out you will most probably find it sold at the festival – it is quite common to get a shop with the basics available on site.
  • Don’t forget the old favourite dried noodle meals for a quick and easy snack, but try not to be tempted to live off these.

The list could go on of course, but hopefully there are a few ideas here to get you started.

Be warned, that with campsite cooking comes campsite washing up. It doesn’t have to be extensive but don’t forget to take some washing up liquid, a scouring pad and a tea towel or two.

My personal favourite is breakfast – camping and breakfast, whether its traditional bacon and egg rolls or a pan of porridge for everyone to dig into and drizzle with honey, this has to be the best way to the start of any festival camping day.

Don’t over do the supplies. If you are camping at the festival for more than two days be aware that even in a cool bag with ice packs the third day is likely to be a ‘no no’ for fresh food that has been hanging around. You don’t want to jeopardise your health by eating dodgy food. Plan your menu, its easy – day one have fresh food, day two perhaps the fresh food is still good or start thinking about using your dried pasta and jars of sauce which you have been keeping in a cool bag and out of the sun somewhere.  If you are really limited for space think carefully about where you store your food. In an idea world you would have the latest hi tech camping equipment, but in reality many festival campers only camp for the festival season maybe one or two times a year so the investment in high quality gear isn’t realistic. Also remember you will often have quite a hike from your car or bus to your pitch so carrying space is at a premium. And remember too that your pitch is likely to be very cramped so be economical with your space.

Have a Great Festival Season.

The Festival Camping Team

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Best Festival Tips – Staying Healthy

Festival Tips – Staying healthy and surviving festival camping

Festival season is a highlight of the summer, a chance to let your hair down, catch some great bands and dance the night away, but it is also important to remember to look after your health at festivals. I have been to many festivals over the years and I have a few things that I always like to have with me to make surviving festival camping a little bit easier – here are some of my top festival tips!

Festival Tips #1 – Antibacterial hand gel – I couldn’t be without this at a festival. The toilets are a breeding ground for germs and more often than not the supplied hand sanitizer at the toilets will have run out. Keep a bottle of hand gel in your bag or pocket to use whenever you need it and wash your hands whenever you can.

Cuticura Hand Cleansing gel Original 100ml

Best Festival Tips - Stay Healthy

Festival Tips #2 – Water bottle – keep a bottle of water with you at all times. It is so important to make sure you drink plenty of water, fill up your bottle every time you see a drinking water tap. If you are drinking alcohol then  drink water as well as alcoholic drinks to prevent getting dehydrated.

Glogg Classic 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Carabiner Top

Best Festival Tips - Water bottle

Festival Tips #3 – If you are drinking Alcohol try to keep it to a minimum, you want to feel good and enjoy yourself at a festival, you don’t want to be suffering from a hangover the whole time. Remember the recommended limits for alcohol are 3-4 units a day for men and 2-3 units a day for women.

Festival Tips #4 – Try and eat healthily – this can be difficult at a festival when you are surrounded by fast food, all of which smells pretty good when you are hungry. Try and choose some healthier options, there is a huge variety of food at festivals so have a look round and see what takes your fancy, don’t just go for the nearest stall selling chips. It is a good idea to have some snacks with you in your bag to keep you going throughout the day, fruit and cereal bars are a good idea. Make sure you try and have a good breakfast too. If you have a stove then take some oats to make some porridge.

Festival Tips #5 – Toilet roll – You don’t want to be caught out, its best to keep some tissues with you in your bag.

Festival Tips #6 – Wet wipes – when showers are nowhere to be seen or the queues are miles long then wet wipes can be a God send to get rid of that mud and make you feel a little bit cleaner.

Wet Ones Be Fresh Original Antibacterial 40 Wipes Pack

Best Festival Tips - Wet Ones

Festival Tips #7 – Berocca –I like to take a tube of these for that vitamin boost when energy levels are low or to use if you wake up with a hangover. Read packet instructions before use.

Berocca Orange Flavour Sugar Fee Tailored Vitamins & Essential Minerals For Hectic Lifestyles 30 Effervescent Tablets

Best Festival Tips - Vitamins

Festival Tips #8 – Sun cream – you will be outside most of the time and it is important to look after your skin. Apply sun cream regularly to prevent getting burnt. Wearing a wide brimmed hat is also a good idea to keep the sun off your head and protect your face and neck.

NIVEA SUN Mositurising Spray Immediate Protection Non Sticky Water Resistant Formula SPF30

Best Festival Tips - Sun Cream

Festival Tips #9 – Clothing – you never know what the English weather might bring at a festival, so be prepared for everything. Remember it will get cold at night, so wear layers to keep warm.  Don’t forget waterproofs, in this country it is bound to rain at least once! Make sure you change out of wet clothes into dry ones and don’t sleep in damp clothes.

Festival Tips #10 – First Aid kit – pack a little first aid kit in your bag with some plasters, antiseptic wipes and blister plasters. When you are on your feet all day your feet are likely to suffer and someone you are with might be very grateful if you can offer them a blister plaster to ease their painful feet! Keep cuts clean and use plasters to prevent an infection.

AA Car Essentials First Aid Kit – Soft Pouch

It is important to remember to look after yourself as well as enjoy yourself but if you do fall ill then there will be medical staff at the festival who can help you. It is a good idea to make sure you know where the medical centre is as soon as you get there. I hurt my neck at a festival a couple of years ago and the St John’s Ambulance team were great at looking after me, so don’t be afraid to find them and ask for help. If you are worried about your health before attending a festival then speak to your doctor for advice.

Keep healthy and enjoy yourself!

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