Who Are The Festival Camping Team?

Here at Festival Camping we are a small team of bloggers and music festival fanatics.

the festival camping team

Over the year we have done it all at festivals. In the past we didn’t get it quite right in terms of our preparation or our time at the festival. We have got drenched, had tents blown away, had sunstroke, illnesses. In fact, you name it and one of us here has experienced it.

We are still at it and we cross all age groups for input here. Some on our team are teenagers, some young adults and some a bit older 🙂

Please enjoy our site, keep in touch by subscribing on that tab over there on the right and have the best festival season ever.

If you have any comments or would like to write a guest article then just get in touch through our contact page. we would love to hear from you.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be covering subjects such as:

  • Full kit inventory
  • Planning your Festival
  • Staying Safe at a festival
  • Staying Healthy at a festival
  • Coping with the Rain
  • Coping with the Sun
  • Getting to a Festival
  • Leaving a Festival
  • Practical festival Camping Tips
  • and much much more.

Stay with us.

Best Regards

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