Video – How to Survive an Outdoor Music Festival

How to Survive an Outdoor Music Festival

how to survive an outdoor music festivalWithout doubt the best festival experience is had by taking the very best advice from people who have been to and learned how to survive an outdoor music festival. Whether you are heading to Glastonbury, Reading And Leeds, Download, V Festival or heading abroad to Benicassim start tuning in to the best festival and camping advice you can find, which is brought together for you at Festival Camping.

There is no better way than learning from the experience of others, so please help out your fellow Festival goers and leave a comment below, maybe your best nugget of advice about festivals in general or something you have learned about facilities at a particular festival anywhere in the world.

Two of the key watchwords for anyone attending a music festival are Preparation & Health:

Preparation: start the planning process now. Of course it won’t take you until you go in a few months time to get everything together, but equally you should not leave the planning to the last minute. For instance, if you see a tent you think would be right for your festival camping then buy it now.

There are two good reasons for this:

  • ┬áThe tent/kit might sell out. as festival season approaches the more popular tents do sell out sometimes;
  • You will be able to buy the tents at out of season sales prices which might not be on offer when the season arrives.

Health: We have a great blog being written right now by one of our team. Lottie is a medical student who will become a Doctor in August 2013. Lottie has been to many festivals and is a keen camper. I have been to festivals with her and she is great to have around because she is so organised and she thinks about and prepares for all of the factors which might cause you to feel unwell. Lottie prepares with a keen eye on Health and Safety. I won’t pre-empt Lottie’s blog, just to say, don’t miss it as you will pick up some key pointers.

Why not start preparing your

Health and Safety Festival Camping Kit

now – spread the cost over the coming weeks.

Don’t forget, start planning now to help spread the cost.

If you have any tips or advice please leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to this site.


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